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Available for bookings in Italy offering candid and photojournalistic images for couples that want to get married in the beautiful canals of Venice, Castles in Verona, waters at Lake Garda or the mediterranean sea waters of Amalfi coast.

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Wedding photographer, why do you need one? 

Above all, hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you can make about your big day. Photography will provide you with a memory that will last more than a lifetime, and because of this it is paramount to select a good photographer for your wedding day. By choosing your wedding photographer, you will ensure that the imagery from your most important day has the highest quality available.

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What you get in a wedding photography package?

You can check more about our packages right here, all of them deliver the basics for a stress-free wedding. Moreover, you can choose among upgrades or completely bespoke your package – all packages are negotiable for your most important day. 

"A photographer that takes part in photography competitions is a photographer that is interested in getting better and improving their work. In other words, a wedding photographer that is looking for awards will deliver you the greatest imagery with passion-driven excitement. "

Awarded images portfolio

I strongly believe that when I direct a couple (you can see a full wedding here) they need to feel relaxed and enjoy the time they are having. In other words, I do not go looking for specific poses – even-though in some moments posing is necessary. Nevertheless, I don’t regret saying that I have photographed couples in wedding poses, because wedding photography is not an exact science: it is art. It demands experience and some couples can be shyer than others, and that is perfectly fine. It is still possible to capture your personality and grace in a photograph. Contact if you want to learn more about it. We will be happy to serve you.

Your wedding photographers in Italy

We are Rafael and Jeanine, a couple who, since 2015, have ventured into wedding photography, so we can offer you the best wedding photography support in our region. We have Verona as our base city, yes, the city of lovers, Romeo and Juliet and the imposing Arena di Verona.

We have always had a fascination for art in general, and a lot of curiosity about different countries and cultures, which made us create an even greater passion for photography, and what would photography be if not art, right? That's why we keep in our work a wedding photo reportage style, in other words, we try to retell a wedding or a photo shoot as it happened, in the richest details, always with great lightness and spontaneity. Thus, when the bride and groom receive the photos, they will be able to relive that moment with an enormous wealth of details and emotions, as our intention is to capture the essence of each couple's love.

We work in a unique way and put all our cultural baggage into our work, after all, as Sebastião Salgado used to say:

"You don't shoot with your camera, you shoot with your culture".

We have a modern and timeless photographic style, and we seek to stamp in our work the unique beauty and passion of each couple we photograph.

As our base is located in the north of Italy, we work mainly in the regions/cities of Verona, Venice, Tuscany, Lake Garda, Lake Como and Trento, however, we are available to immortalize every moment of the wedding anywhere in Italy or even abroad.

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Destination Wedding Photographers in Italy: Based in Verona, but available worldwide

We are honored to offer our wedding photography in Italy, a country that has welcomed us so warmly and that welcomes couples who wish to marry here so well, therefore, it is a pleasure for us to capture every moment of your special day in this beautiful country, whether you italians or not.

Because we are in a strategic position in Italy, we work with many foreign clients, whether from countries that border Italy or not, so we understand that each couple is different, in their particularities and culture, so we adapt our wedding photography for each couple we serve, as this is the only way we can capture their unique style, always in a modern and elegant way.

The quality of the material we supply to our customers is very important to us, that's why we use good equipment and work with only one wedding a day so that we can offer each couple the support they need to have a truly perfect wedding.

Take a look at our wedding photography portfolio and learn more about our wedding stories across the world.

Top destination wedding in Italy

When we think about getting married outside our city or even outside our country, we have a huge variety of fabulous places at our disposal. The world is truly fantastic, but when it comes to marriage, there are few places more qualified than Italy. In terms of wedding photography, Italy is a perfect country, it's a romantic country in its own right, a majestic and elegant destination.

Italy is an ideal destination for all types of couples, from the most romantic to the most modern, believe us! With unlimited destinations at your disposal and with the potential that can be offered from the different Italian regions, each with its particularities and natural beauties, from the exuberant beaches of the south of the country, through the region of Tuscany, full of fields and vineyards to get to the north, with its lakes, mountains and, depending on the time of your wedding, snow. Without a doubt, all these scenarios allow you to create a grand luxury wedding or an Elopement Wedding, there are no rules here!

Regardless of the location you choose for your wedding, we can make your day even more special, capturing the magic of every moment and immortalizing it in some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

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Dream destination in Italy

As we mentioned before, each region of Italy has its particularities and unique beauties, so it is almost impossible that you will not find your ideal destination here.

For those in love with sun, heat, beautiful beaches and good food, southern Italy can be the ideal destination. Sicily, with its stunning beaches and crystal clear water, is without a doubt a great backdrop for a modern wedding.

On the other hand, for food lovers and fine wine enthusiasts, Tuscany is known throughout the world for its unparalleled beauty. Vineyards, olive trees, fields, architecture and art make this region a magical destination. Its capital Florence is rich in details, with its Renaissance architecture conquering fans all over the world, but it is not the only destination in this region, despite being the most sought after by couples. If you want to escape the city towards the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, we suggest the Val d’Orcia, one of the most romantic and breathtaking places we have ever seen.

We cannot talk about Italy without thinking of the Amalfi Coast, a coastline known worldwide for its beauty and glamour, the perfect backdrop for your big day.

In the north, we can get lost citing magnificent places, from our dear Verona, city of Romeo and Juliet, one of William Shakespeare's greatest classics, passing through Venice, with its beautiful canals, gondolas and couples in love until we reach Bolzano, ah Bolzano , the most “German” city in Italy, with beautiful architecture and great cuisine, but what stands out the most here are the imposing Dolomites, a mountain range in the eastern alps in northern Italy, whether in summer or winter, they are a excellent destination for those who want to perpetuate their love amidst crystal clear lakes and mountains.

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These are just a few of the many destinations we work on, other fabulous destinations include Lake Como, Milan, Lake Garda, Rome, Vicenza… As you can see, Italy is full of stunning destinations that are ready to be the backdrop of the your marriage.

We work in order to make the best possible use of the location chosen by the couple, the natural light and all the components of that environment, to create a real emotion in each photo, so that the couple can take with them a little piece of that very special place, chosen with so much affection to be the stage of your wedding, pre wedding or session.

If you've visited our website and liked what we've told you so far, be sure to click the button below and request a quote, we'd be happy to be a part of your big day.

Wedding photography packages

Our photographic packages are customized according to the needs and desires of each couple, so that they fit in the best possible way to what the bride and groom want for their wedding day.

In our wedding photography packages you can find options such as: pre wedding shoot, engagement photos, honeymoon photos, elopement wedding, destination wedding, wedding photo album options and so on.

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Wedding photo albums

Ah, a wedding album! What a pleasure it was to welcome you home after the event, to flip through those pages in search of reliving every moment, every emotion and every smile of that big day. Nothing like immortalizing our moments in something physical and palpable.

Furthermore, photographs are an art form, and this art is not momentary, it remains among us, who has never been to their grandparents' house for Christmas or any other family gathering where they started flipping through old photo albums?

Ah, how nice it is to see photos that were sometimes taken almost 50 years ago, or even those of our childhood, isn't it? After all, I think everyone takes pictures to record something they want to keep for posterity.

Not to mention that it's much more fun to show an album to our friends than photos on the computer. In a simple turn of the pages we can go back in time and relive each moment, it is undoubtedly the best way to immortalize a family moment as important as a wedding.

Latest love stories in Italy

Can you imagine celebrating your wedding in the most beautiful village in Italy? No? Laura and Ettore, yes!

The couple chose Soave, a small Italian town in Veneto, province of Verona, chosen as Borgo dei Borghi 2022, as the ideal location for their wedding and we had the pleasure of immortalizing this incredible moment, check out more photos on our blog.

Client Reviews 

“We originally reviewed many photographers, many websites, many pictures but for us it was set in stone only when we found Rafael and Jeanine. Their photography style is modern, fresh and unique. When we met R & J we realized they were just amazing – supportive, positive, polite, creative and so professional! Our wedding pictures are FAB and more than we ever wished for! On the day we knew we were in safe hands since R & J’s professionalism, passion & experience shined through. We felt like some models & laughed at how much fun we had, how magnificent our pictures turned out to be and how everyone reacts to our images now. It was the best day of our lives and R & J proved it. Not only they are incredibly good at what they do, they are also fabulous people! Great energy of light and love coming from them. Every moment was captured, be it movement, emotion, tears or belly laughs. We could not have asked for better photographers for our magically beautiful wedding!

Rafael and Jeanine, thank you so much! You captured our day exactly how we remember it! We can’t thank you enough for how much you put into our day of love. Everyone who sees our wedding pictures is totally mesmerised and wow’ed by them! Everyone who does not know us asking if we are models lol. You captured it all – our happiness, our love, our life, our story…

You are incredibly talented, magnificent, so kind and creative. We will never stop recommending you!!! You have exceeded our expectations in every possible way and our experience with you was second to none!

P.S. It was so sweet of you to send us a sample in the morning after our wedding! We were touched. Xxxx

Wishing you all the best for the future and endless top awards that you surely deserve!”


Donal & Yuliya - Married in Irlanda, 2020

How about getting married in Verona?

Verona can be your ideal wedding destination, a romantic city, full of culture and beautiful landscapes, not to mention the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Getting to know Verona is an incredible experience and it is undoubtedly a city with a lot of potential to be the location of your wedding, destination wedding or elopement wedding.

But remember, more important than the place of your wedding is what you want to convey with them, the important thing is not to lose your essence and style, we would be very happy and give you several tips for places for your wedding, both in Italy and abroad, don't be embarrassed to call us for a conversation about your wedding destination.

If you liked to book us for your marriage, get in touch.