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Wedding Photographer In Italy - How To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer In Italy

Finding the right wedding photographer in Italy can take some research, but once you've found someone you're happy with, you'll enjoy working with them for years to come.

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"We have done so many weddings and then people have kids and their kids get baptized and then they want to do family sessions because they know the importance of having family pictures with grandma and grandpa."

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Check out online forums or websites.

There are plenty of online forums and websites dedicated to photographers in Italy. You can use google translate if in doubt because you'll find many content in english. We lived in Dublin for 3 years so it's easier for us to communicate in english. If you're looking for a more personal touch, ask for a wedding planner for recomendations.

Look at the photographers' portfolios.

A good portfolio will show off the photographer's work and give you an idea of how he/she works. It should also contain examples of his/her style and approach. But also look for a full wedding and you'll only get this when in contact with the photographer. If you choose a photographer with many awesome images but with no full weddings you'll probably get only a few great images but not the entire story of your big day.

Read reviews from previous clients.

You can find out more about a potential wedding photographer by reading reviews from past clients. This gives you insight into what kind of service they provide and whether or not they're worth hiring. If you're looking for intimate/candid images you need to search for a photographer with reviews from customers whom doesn't like to pose. 

There's many regions in Italy

And most photographers will not travel more than 50km from their homes for a wedding. Italy is packed with weddings (200k yearly) and many photographers doesn't need to travel around to meet customers. We don't mind to travel. Most of the weddings that we do is outside Verona or even outside the region of Veneto.

Locations for weddings

There's a huge selection of places in Italy but most couples normally goes for the traditional country side, in the middle of the vines venues. In italian search for "agriturismo". Most places offers full services including food, drinks and accommodations for the couple and guests. 


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