Prices for wedding photographer

Prices for wedding photographer in Ireland? Wedding photography packages?

“You really don’t want to be that bride at facebook weddings group who’s trying to find someone that works recovering photos because you trusted a friend to register your wedding day in his brand new professional camera”

It’s almost impossible to imagine a wedding without a wedding photographer but is very easy to find brides complaining about the same thing every week, afterwards, the images will be the only thing that will link the memory’s of what you’ve lived with the wedding.

The process of finding the right photographer involve many questions and you’ll find the most popular of them here.

  • How much costs a wedding photographer in Ireland;
  • For how many hours do I need a wedding photographer in my wedding;
  • How do I sort the budget for my wedding;
  • How can I save money hiring a wedding photographer;
Couple during their wedding session in Bray. It's a sunny and warm day and they are very close to the sea.

Is this photographer in my budget?

There’s many prices and packages for a wedding photographer in Ireland, it can be from €399 to €9000 but you need to know if you want a photographer for a few hours, half day or full day and you need to check the photographers portfolio, it’s essential. I would be very happy to be the photographer of every bride and groom that contact me but we need to be in the right fit so you can contact me here.

Bride being accompanied by her father in palmerstown venue a few seconds before she walk to her groom

If you go straight away contacting a photographer you’ll find that is hard to find an average price and it’s connected with many other things like: experience, Portfolio, Real weddings, Awards and Reviews.

When I hired a photographer for the first time I was aware of a few things, important questions that will make the difference in having wedding pictures and amazing wedding pictures for your day don’t be a bummer.

The photographer is capturing the couple who's at the bottom of the staircase in the shelbourne hotel

The impact of hiring the cheapest one

Hiring the cheapest wedding photographer in your area certainly will have an impact in the quality of your wedding images and is a cost that you’ll pay for the rest of your life. The average price for full day weddings goes from €999 to €6000, it’s not me saying that it’s blog and websites like and and this is where you want to start when hiring your wedding photographer.

A tourist is mad because the bride is in front of her making the line grew up at the cliffs of moher

Portfolio of real weddings

You found a few photographers and they have the images that you’re looking for, check if they have a portfolio of real weddings, you don’t want a newcomer charging you real money without any experience. Check here a “funny” experience with a bride that hired me to edit her pictures.

Real weddings Gallery


In many cases, the cheapest photographer isn’t investing in himself and you don’t want to discover on the last minute that the photographer that you hired isn’t covered with a liability insurance and the church, castle or venue can’t accept him there. Bummer, right? Well, it costs money so you can’t expect that the cheapest photographer will have you covered for the day.

A bride wearing a white dress is being leaned by her parter pretty close to the cliffs

Awarded images

A photographer that has awarded images is a photographer that care about his work and is taking wedding photography as a way of living. When a professional wedding photographer is putting his work to be judged means that he is looking to improve his images and this will reflect in your over-all wedding experience.

An awarded image from a couple in their wedding party, the groom is giving a slap in the brides but, they're on the dance floor.

Image storage and backups

A professional photographer rely in professional equipment, there’s no recovery for images that were lost. That’s why you cant trust that nice friend to take pictures, because he’s enjoying your wedding and not taking care of his new camera. I use only cameras that allow instant backup, which means that at moment that I take one photo this one has 2 copies and I also use my break during the wedding day to do a third backup. When the wedding day is finished my workflow is to go straight home do a backup in the cloud. You can’t expect that from a beginner.

Avoid Time Wasters

Your wedding day isn’t supposed to be a photoshoot session where the photographer will keep asking you for pictures all the time in every corner that he find cool, you’ll need a photographer that has an eye for details and capture candid moments in a documentary way. Still you want posed images and normally they are around 5% of the total images that you’re receiving, normally 20 to 30 minutes in total.

Human Backups

Having professional equipment isn’t enough to secure your wedding day. A wedding photographer needs to rely in someone else if things go wrong in the last minute. That’s why my lovely wife Jeanine helps me in every wedding as second photographer, not an assistant, and this matters because she also trained to work

Reviews – a important social proof

Check the reviews that your photographer is receiving and it will fill many checks in your wedding photographer research.

Niamh and David

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“When we first got our slideshow we cried, it was so beautiful. Then 5 days after the wedding we receive all images, in bright colors, like we dreamed about, we blown away.”…

You can check more reviews here.

Badges are a way to proof that the photographer is reliable.

Wedding associations in Ireland and all over the world are constantly doing awards and wedding suppliers associations provide badges to recognise photographers hard work.

Weddings online certificate
My wed awards
Member of weddings online
Inspiration photographers

You filled the checklist of how to find a wedding photographer

To fill more checks you’re expecting images that pop and of course you want this images ASAP, for this reason I developed a workflow through the years where I can edit and deliver a few images in a short period, normally 12 to 20 hours after your wedding day and deliver you before your guests start posting them on instagram or facebook.

If you checked all the tips above I recommend you to check the wedding gallery in this link and if you want a stress free wedding with a professional wedding photographer you can check it right here.

Check some videos from weddings: