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What do you get in a wedding photography package?
You can check more about our packages right here, all of them deliver the basics for a stress-free wedding. Moreover, you can choose among upgrades or completely bespoke your package – all packages are negotiable for your most important day.

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Frequently asked questions

Most people are hiring a wedding photographer for the first time and is normal to have many questions. The packages that I offer can be bespoke accordingly to your wedding day but it’s nice to guide you through all the lines of what you’re paying for, I don’t like tiny/hidden lines so assuming that you don’t like it as-well I’ll be very transparent with it.


We work with all kinds of couples, no discrimination here. We love to work with adventurous couples, or those who want to do something with their loved one on their big day. If you want to know more, reach out and we’d be more than happy to help you understand if we are the right fit for you.


Of course, not everyone likes standing in front of a camera. Our job is to make you feel at ease to help capture the best you. Most of the time you won’t even know were are there allowing you to relax and allowing us to make the photos you deserve.

How do we book you?

If we’re the right fit, all you need is a signed contract and a 30% deposit to book the date. 2020 was a tuff year but we’re filling it from September really fast. Many cancelled wedding from this year were moved to 2021 so very soon the agenda will be full.

For how long do we wait for the images

I’ll deliver a slideshow with a selection of the best images no longer than 24 hours after your event and all the pictures will be delivered in seven to ten days after the event, all in high resolution and no-watermarked. We have a very good image process that allow us to deliver in a very short time, you can check it here.

What’s is included in all my packages?

Image quantity:

All packages include a basic quantity of images, for example, in my basic package you’ll receive 150 digital images, that’s for experience a number of images that I deliver in registration ceremony weddings or weddings that I’m hired for only 2 hours. For a full wedding day where I usually work for 12 plus hours, you’ll receive at least 500 images but easily this number will grow to 700 or 900 because many things happen during a full wedding day and in a team of two photographers we’ll guarantee that every little special moment will be registered.


There’s a moment that will all see our wedding images as an investment but not at the same way like stock market a great wedding photographer will deliver you photos that will only increase in memory value for reasons like this bride that questioned me how much it will cost if she wants to sell his photos back to me.


So you think that we’re on the right fit and with all the recommendations that I did you want to hire not only a photographer that will take posed and pictures that your guests can do, but you want someone that you can trust and will deliver the candid and professional images that you’re looking, contact me and we can talk more about your big day

Prices for 2020 and 2021

Registry Office

  • 2 hours coverage
  • 150 digital images
  • 2 photographers
  • Prices from €299
  • Check a registry wedding
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Half Day Weddings

Full Day Weddings

Hourly Rates

Starting at €150 with minimum 35 images per hour

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