Best wedding tips


Eloping. Removing the guest list, simplifying the budget, flying off to someplace and say your vows. Just the two of you, your photographer and your officiant. If you’re opting for this kind of wedding, planning is still important, so here are some of the things that deserve your attention while you prepare for this special day.

Keep up with the legalities

When it comes to getting married, it’s paramount to follow the legal procedures. If you’re planning to get married in Ireland, you should check Ireland’s Civil Registration Service requirements, a utility managed by the HSE – which is currently the only service that can legally officiate Civil Ceremonies. We have a post on it, you can check it

In case you are eloping elsewhere, consider the legalities of where you’re getting married; such as what type of ID and documents you will need to bring, and whether the marriage will be legitimate in your own territory. And of course, remember to secure your marriage certificate before flying home. 

Book a good photographer in advance

Booking a photographer is one of the most important investments for your wedding day, especially if you are eloping. After all, having pictures to show your friends and family will make them feel included in your day. More than that, you will have beautiful imagery to keep the memories alive. You may also want to know how to find one.

Reflect upon your reasons

Make sure this is something you – as a couple – really want to do, since you are getting married without friends or family as guests.  Remember your reasons, either if it’s because you want to save money or avoid hassle: they are all good reasons to elope.  Keeping things intimate and personal can be one of your reasons: just ensure you both have thought about your decision.

Make sure you won’t feel guilty about it

A lot of feelings and emotions are associated with elopements and guilt can be one of them. Try not to feel bad about your choice, remember why you’re doing this. Actually, you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone. Despite the possibility of some friends and family being at first saddened by the idea of not partaking in your day with you, they will eventually get over. People who love you might feel a bit disappointed initially but they’ll for sure feel happy for you. 

Find ways to make it special

Only because you won’t have hundreds of guests to wine and dine, it doesn’t have to mean your elopement shouldn’t be special and unique. A good thing to plan is your vows, fancy transportation, wedding cake or going to an elegant restaurant for dinner. You have a lot of possibilities here to make your day feel special and memorable. After all, eloping is also about being free to do whatever you want!

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